Thursday, November 04, 2004

11/4/04 here's my button

Thursday, November 4, 2004
here's my button

Here's my button for the next 4 years...

I am truly amazed at the election results.

I find it so hard to believe that 'the people' have voted in favor of:
higher drug prices,
higher gas prices,
-- higher heating prices,
-- higher deficits,
-- continued unemployment and lower wages,
-- big insurance growth with poor medical care,
-- a continued 2 class society of the have's and have not's,
-- an endless war with endless casualities in Iraq,
-- a type of "dictatorship" mentality with the one party control of the
House, Senate, White House, and most likely the Supreme Court.

And the explanation from most who are smugly patting their own backs is...
"I voted for Bush because President Bush reflects my high moral standards."

So my response to this ignorance this next 4 years is simple...
If you voted for the re-election of President Bush, or God forbid, if you didn't vote at all --------------------

Don't bother complaining to me...
At least I voted for a change in 2004!

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Comment from spurgins311 - 11/25/04 2:02 PM

great button........... as i said in my post, this is the first year i voted because i firmly believed we needed a i was very sad with the outcome...well, actually i was outraged by the outcome, so i hope everyone that did re-elect bush is happy while the next four years fall apart.
Comment from viarbooba - 11/6/04 3:03 AM

I need this button too. My sentiments exactly.

Comment from spurgins311 - 11/5/04 8:19 PM

Good button. Reserve one for me. Seems to me only almost half the country has the right to complain. Margo
Comment from magogos - 11/4/04 8:35 PM

I think I should wear the same button. I think this country has gone mad. I don't think it. I know it.


Comment from readmereadyou - 11/4/04 3:02 PM