Thursday, November 04, 2004

11/4/04 here's my button

Thursday, November 4, 2004
here's my button

Here's my button for the next 4 years...

I am truly amazed at the election results.

I find it so hard to believe that 'the people' have voted in favor of:
higher drug prices,
higher gas prices,
-- higher heating prices,
-- higher deficits,
-- continued unemployment and lower wages,
-- big insurance growth with poor medical care,
-- a continued 2 class society of the have's and have not's,
-- an endless war with endless casualities in Iraq,
-- a type of "dictatorship" mentality with the one party control of the
House, Senate, White House, and most likely the Supreme Court.

And the explanation from most who are smugly patting their own backs is...
"I voted for Bush because President Bush reflects my high moral standards."

So my response to this ignorance this next 4 years is simple...
If you voted for the re-election of President Bush, or God forbid, if you didn't vote at all --------------------

Don't bother complaining to me...
At least I voted for a change in 2004!

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Comment from spurgins311 - 11/25/04 2:02 PM

great button........... as i said in my post, this is the first year i voted because i firmly believed we needed a i was very sad with the outcome...well, actually i was outraged by the outcome, so i hope everyone that did re-elect bush is happy while the next four years fall apart.
Comment from viarbooba - 11/6/04 3:03 AM

I need this button too. My sentiments exactly.

Comment from spurgins311 - 11/5/04 8:19 PM

Good button. Reserve one for me. Seems to me only almost half the country has the right to complain. Margo
Comment from magogos - 11/4/04 8:35 PM

I think I should wear the same button. I think this country has gone mad. I don't think it. I know it.


Comment from readmereadyou - 11/4/04 3:02 PM

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

10/27/04 blood moon tonight

Wednesday, October 27, 2004
blood moon tonight

Tonight we will experience what is called a "Blood Moon or Hunter's Moon". There is an exceptional write up located here explaining this erie phenomea. I have taken the liberty to copy their schedule and paste it here for viewing times.

What better time to have this occur than Halloween week. Too bad we couldn't have dragged this out until Sunday night. Hope you get to see this in your area, I know I will be out watching the moon turn into a giant pumpkin and then turn blood red. This wont happen again for another 7 years so get out there and observe what you can.

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    Funny moon!
    Comment from deabvt - 10/29/04 11:34 AM

    I checked out my moon and it looks white, it is a full moon. I am in the Central time zone. hmmmm wonder why it's white. I will have to check out the link you gave to see what a "blood moon" is. I've never heard of it.

    How are you after all those storms? Hopefully you are fine?

    Comment from spurgins311 - 10/28/04 11:28 PM

    I never heard of this. Now, I have to check that link. Thanks! Always nice to learn.


    Comment from readmereadyou - 10/27/04 6:20 PM

    Bummer it is rainy and cloudy here, Maybe it will clear up by tonight.
    Comment from mom23nca - 10/27/04 9:56 AM

Saturday, October 16, 2004

10/16/04 power surges

Saturday, October 16, 2004

power surges

Power Surges

Power Surges", or hot flashes as they are commonly called...

--They are a fact of life, an obvious sign of maturing.
--They are a perfectly normal process of aging, so say the experts.

The fact is, many of these experts have not traveled this 'road of maturity'. They base their facts on what others have told them -- that the experience is difficult, but not impossible. Most of the experts are men in our medical profession who have read all the latest literature (written, btw, by other men), and then proceed to tell the female population what to expect and how it will feel. Personally, I have been traveling this road since my 40th birthday, and the "power surges" are very infrequent now, and not nearly as volatile as they were in the beginning. But I was sent this cute cartoon from a friend who is just beginning this journey, and it sums up the feeling perfectly! By sharing I hope to further the education of those who don't understand because of gender or perhaps those women who have not reached this level of maturity so far...

Here is what a Power Surge feels like!

Maybe we could get a few of the experts to try this experience first hand and then they would better equipped to inform the mature female population of what to 'really' expect!

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    That little cartoon is just too funny. I haven't been here in awhile, so thought I would stop by and check on you. All those hurricanes....
    I have been having "hot flashes" since I was 25 and I am 54 now. Had a complete hysterectomy and the lovely doctors did not tell me that it would throw me into CHANGE OF LIFE at that young of an age. Geesh...the first one I had I will never forget, felt like someone tourched my butt and it went through my entire being. Within mili-seconds I was wet with sweat! My clothes were wet. I still have them if I don't take medication (hormone replacement). One good thing about the surgery more periods. :)

    Comment from spurgins311 - 10/25/04 12:27 AM

    LOL! I posted the same 'Personal Summer' (my name for mine) in my journal this week.
    Comment from kokoapuffy1 - 10/23/04 9:49 PM

    Very funny. I was lucky not to have them often but I get them a few times a year. They are annoying especially when you're trying to sleep......covers off, covers on.......all night long. : )

    Comment from readmereadyou - 10/16/04 3:40 PM

    LMAO Funny!
    Comment from deabvt - 10/16/04 3:24 PM

Saturday, October 02, 2004

10/2/04 florida is moving

Saturday, October 2, 2004

florida is moving

Announcement: Florida is Moving!

I received this cartoon from by
Walt Handelsman and what can I say?

It just sums up the thoughts of those of us here in Florida!

We love our state, but just can't stand hanging down there in the way of every little breeze. So we are moving! Way to go Walt, for finding a way of fitting us in.

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This is so cute. Maybe it would be a good idea. hehehehe
Comment from spurgins311 - 10/7/04 1:20 AM

This was just an hysterical cartoon. I'm still laughing. Thanks.

Comment from readmereadyou - 10/2/04 4:45 PM

Very clever, got my laugh for today. Thanks. Margo PS Can't help but wonder if you'd really trade a few nasty hurricanes causing mass devistation for winter next to ND? It might be a toss up.
Comment from magogos - 10/2/04 10:36 AM

That's so funny!!
Comment from derasta - 10/2/04 10:29 AM

Thursday, September 30, 2004

9/30/04 sweet tobie lyn

Thursday, September 30, 2004
sweet tobie lyn

I still don't have cable modem, so am on a dial up connection. I never realized how much I miss the cable!
I have been waiting to post a picture of Tobie, but decided to try to get one posted anyway. Isn't she precious? This was taken on the day we picked her up. She might weigh in at about 3 pounds, and is maybe 4 inches tall at her head. You can't see it, but she has little white tips on her back feet, and the white under her neck, other than that, she is pure black.

My dad gets up at around 4am to take her out to go potty, and then wipes her feet and belly off before putting her back to bed. You would think they gave birth to her.
My mom called me yesterday with the story of "we have to go out to Costco's,
and you'll never guess what I did with Tobie. I put her in her crate, and she started to whimper, so I put her back in her bed and put her toys around her and told her it was time to take a nap. Then I pulled the sheet over the crate, and waited for a minute or so, and guess what?, when I peeked in and looked she was sound asleep under her little lambs wool companion."

Needless to say, Tobie is doing her job! She has those two wrapped around her little paw, and all she has to do is whimper once, cast her head over to the side and look up at them, and they melt. I can't really blame them tho, she is precious.

addendum: I have been using "" for my pictures lately due to the ease of putting them in my journal, uploading, etc, but they had some sort of melt down yesterday and the pictures in my journal vanished. Hopefully they will get my album restored later today, if not, I will re-do all the pictures here.
Auntie Lyn
10am It appears my album has been fixed and the photos are back up. (and after I uploaded these to my aol ftp space) Oh well, I will leave things as they are for now. For any that are interested, check out for picture storage and use.

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    Yea! Got the Pics. What a handsome and happy family!
    Comment from deabvt - 10/1/04 2:26 PM

    Rats, on dial-up, I get the red dots!
    Comment from deabvt - 10/1/04 8:33 AM

    What a sweet dog and story. My most favorite dog I ever had did have the same name. It's been 24 years since that dog passed away and I still miss him. :(

    Comment from readmereadyou - 9/30/04 3:47 PM

    She is adorable. What a great addition for your parents.
    Comment from mom23nca - 9/30/04 10:23 AM

    What a cute puppy...i'm so glad he put such happiness into their lives....dogs have a way of doing just that!
    Comment from derasta - 9/30/04 9:41 AM

Sunday, September 26, 2004

9/26/04 jeanne

Sunday, September 26, 2004


I am so very grateful to report I have come thru hurricane Jeanne, whole and well. I lost power this morning about 7:15, and went thru the worst of the winds and rain listening to my transistor radio. Then I lost my phone about 6:30 tonight. But thankfully the cell phone worked, so I was able to stay in touch with family and friends. Finally my power was restored tonight around 9:30, with the phone very soon after that. I don't have my cable access, but at least I have my phone. Our winds are still gusting but very misty rain now at the most. So far I have recorded about 5½ inches of rain since this started about midnight last night.

Yesterday morning, I took my mom and dad to get a new puppy for them, a shitzu/poodle mix. Little black female. Poor mom and daddy have been frantic today worrying about her pooping and peeing, not being able to get her out, etc. They also lost their power from the storm, but got theirs back tonight also. I have some pictures and when I get my cable back up and running I will post some pictures. She is a little doll, they named her Tobie.

Well, I am out of here, it is time to go to bed and fall asleep counting my many blessings. Thanking God again to have made it thru another hurricane. Love to you all, Auntie Lyn and Uncle Owl.

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And no more hurricanes!!
Comment from deabvt - 10/1/04 2:39 PM

I can't wait to see pictures of the new puppy...I have a Shih Tzu, Layla...she's a great dog...
Comment from derasta - 9/28/04 5:18 PM

I am glad that you have once again come through in good health and good spirits. May this be the last hurricane you EVER have to experience! Margo
Comment from magogos - 9/27/04 10:11 AM

No more storms, Florida! : )
I'm so happy all is well and even the puppy can go out now.
Comment from readmereadyou - 9/27/04 1:31 AM

Friday, September 24, 2004

9/24/04 reflections of mom

Friday, September 24, 2004

reflections of mom

Sorry I haven't been on the computer much this past week.
My sister and I picked my mom and dad up from the train station on Friday the 17th, and then on Saturday the 18th we celebrated my mom's 79th birthday.
We had a wonderful dinner and party with all the kids, and family. The only great grandchild missing was my nephew's oldest daughter Amanda. It has been 2 years now since we have seen Amanda due to divorce issues, not a nice story all in all. Someday I will get into that story and try to sort it out in my mind. This picture is of my mom, and her brother, Arthur. She was about 14 months old here, and Art was 2 years old. This was taken just before my mom contracted polio at 18 months. I love this picture of the two of them. We don't have many pictures of mom when she was young as much of her early years were spent in and out of hospitals, and her parents divorced when she got sick. My mom was born in Connecticut, and when she was around 3 or 4 her dad decided he wanted his kids, and took the two of them to live with him at his sisters in Massachusetts. (Back in those years, a man was considered best to raise his family if that is what he wanted. After all, we are talking about 1928/1929.) His sister convinced him that he couldn't take care of them on his own, and they would be ideal children for an adoption. (My grandma tells the story that the old witch had a couple in mind to adopt my mom, and that Art would be raised to be a priest.) They were placed in a Catholic orphanage, and put up for adoption. This is the picture that was taken at that orphanage. A friend of my Grandma's that lived near my Grandfather let her know what was going on, and with the help of family and friends, she gathered all her resourses, hired acar and went to the orphanage to get her kids. They allowed her to visit them, as they thought she was all for them being adopted out, and on the pretext of taking them shopping, she abducted them, and took them back to Connecticut. My Grandfather sent word that if she wanted them bad enough to face kidnapping charges, she could have them. She raised them both without help from him, and he drifted in and out of their lives once in a while. This last picture was taken of my mom and some of her friends from Newington Childrens Hospital. This was home for mom much of her early life, hospital for surgery and therapy for 8 or 9 months, then to her mom's or her grandmom's house, then back to the hospital for more surgeries. My mom is the first on the left with the big white bow in her blond hair. Mom is writing her story down for the grand and great grand kids, and I, for one, can't wait to read it.

Happy 79th birthday Mom, I love you!

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    You GOTTA be kidding me-- Newington, Connecticut? I lived there from the age of 3 until I was 12. Small world, eh? Great photos! Quite the story, too!
    Comment from haikulike - 9/25/04 10:57 AM

    Happy Birthday, Mom.....lab, what wonderful memories & Pictures.
    Comment from deabvt - 9/24/04 6:23 PM

    Tell your mom we all want to wish her Happy Birthday. Margo
    Comment from magogos - 9/24/04 5:41 PM

    Happy Birthday Mom is right! Bless her heart. What a story. Maybe it can even be published one day.

    Comment from readmereadyou - 9/24/04 3:53 PM