Wednesday, October 27, 2004

10/27/04 blood moon tonight

Wednesday, October 27, 2004
blood moon tonight

Tonight we will experience what is called a "Blood Moon or Hunter's Moon". There is an exceptional write up located here explaining this erie phenomea. I have taken the liberty to copy their schedule and paste it here for viewing times.

What better time to have this occur than Halloween week. Too bad we couldn't have dragged this out until Sunday night. Hope you get to see this in your area, I know I will be out watching the moon turn into a giant pumpkin and then turn blood red. This wont happen again for another 7 years so get out there and observe what you can.

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    Funny moon!
    Comment from deabvt - 10/29/04 11:34 AM

    I checked out my moon and it looks white, it is a full moon. I am in the Central time zone. hmmmm wonder why it's white. I will have to check out the link you gave to see what a "blood moon" is. I've never heard of it.

    How are you after all those storms? Hopefully you are fine?

    Comment from spurgins311 - 10/28/04 11:28 PM

    I never heard of this. Now, I have to check that link. Thanks! Always nice to learn.


    Comment from readmereadyou - 10/27/04 6:20 PM

    Bummer it is rainy and cloudy here, Maybe it will clear up by tonight.
    Comment from mom23nca - 10/27/04 9:56 AM

Saturday, October 16, 2004

10/16/04 power surges

Saturday, October 16, 2004

power surges

Power Surges

Power Surges", or hot flashes as they are commonly called...

--They are a fact of life, an obvious sign of maturing.
--They are a perfectly normal process of aging, so say the experts.

The fact is, many of these experts have not traveled this 'road of maturity'. They base their facts on what others have told them -- that the experience is difficult, but not impossible. Most of the experts are men in our medical profession who have read all the latest literature (written, btw, by other men), and then proceed to tell the female population what to expect and how it will feel. Personally, I have been traveling this road since my 40th birthday, and the "power surges" are very infrequent now, and not nearly as volatile as they were in the beginning. But I was sent this cute cartoon from a friend who is just beginning this journey, and it sums up the feeling perfectly! By sharing I hope to further the education of those who don't understand because of gender or perhaps those women who have not reached this level of maturity so far...

Here is what a Power Surge feels like!

Maybe we could get a few of the experts to try this experience first hand and then they would better equipped to inform the mature female population of what to 'really' expect!

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    That little cartoon is just too funny. I haven't been here in awhile, so thought I would stop by and check on you. All those hurricanes....
    I have been having "hot flashes" since I was 25 and I am 54 now. Had a complete hysterectomy and the lovely doctors did not tell me that it would throw me into CHANGE OF LIFE at that young of an age. Geesh...the first one I had I will never forget, felt like someone tourched my butt and it went through my entire being. Within mili-seconds I was wet with sweat! My clothes were wet. I still have them if I don't take medication (hormone replacement). One good thing about the surgery more periods. :)

    Comment from spurgins311 - 10/25/04 12:27 AM

    LOL! I posted the same 'Personal Summer' (my name for mine) in my journal this week.
    Comment from kokoapuffy1 - 10/23/04 9:49 PM

    Very funny. I was lucky not to have them often but I get them a few times a year. They are annoying especially when you're trying to sleep......covers off, covers on.......all night long. : )

    Comment from readmereadyou - 10/16/04 3:40 PM

    LMAO Funny!
    Comment from deabvt - 10/16/04 3:24 PM

Saturday, October 02, 2004

10/2/04 florida is moving

Saturday, October 2, 2004

florida is moving

Announcement: Florida is Moving!

I received this cartoon from by
Walt Handelsman and what can I say?

It just sums up the thoughts of those of us here in Florida!

We love our state, but just can't stand hanging down there in the way of every little breeze. So we are moving! Way to go Walt, for finding a way of fitting us in.

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This is so cute. Maybe it would be a good idea. hehehehe
Comment from spurgins311 - 10/7/04 1:20 AM

This was just an hysterical cartoon. I'm still laughing. Thanks.

Comment from readmereadyou - 10/2/04 4:45 PM

Very clever, got my laugh for today. Thanks. Margo PS Can't help but wonder if you'd really trade a few nasty hurricanes causing mass devistation for winter next to ND? It might be a toss up.
Comment from magogos - 10/2/04 10:36 AM

That's so funny!!
Comment from derasta - 10/2/04 10:29 AM