Wednesday, March 10, 2004

3/10/04 at a low point #1

Wednesday, March 10, 2004
at a low point #1
Well, haven't had the inclination to write on my journal in quite a while now. Not a whole lot of good things happening with S at this point. This past week and weekend have been the absolute worst. Monday night (3/1), a trip to the ER to ascertain if (R) hip had dislocated or not. End result, a huge hematoma, apply ice 48hrs, and take Lortab as needed for pain. If the Lortab was too strong with her other meds, take Ibuprophin. Tuesday night visit, S could not keep her eyes open while I was there. When I left, I requested they hold the pain meds unless she requested them. Wed. I was unable to get by to see S, a call to the home and nurse states she was agitated all day, but she was calm now, actually sleeping (5:30pm), and not to worry they would keep an eye on her. Thurs. visit, much the same, S could not stay awake, the nurse states she is trying to get up at all times, and keeps falling? I question this as I have not been notified. P, charge nurse states she knows nothing about this, but will check it out. Fri. visit, S is sleeping in her chair. I try to keep her awake, as I know she won't sleep at night at this rate. I told S I would not be there Sat, but would see her Sun. Saturday at noon I get a call from the n.home stating that S had an incident in the early morning hours, a fall. me:Why wasn't I notified? nurse: I don't believe in waking up families in the early morning. me:Is S ok? what happened? nurse:S is sleeping now. we sent her to the ER at the phys orders, they glued a scalp wound together and sent her back at 9:15 this morning. me:You mean you sent her to the hosp without letting me know? did someone go with her? nurse:No, we don't go with the residents. They had to medicate her to attend to the wound, but she is fine now. I will let you know if there is any other problems. me:I can't get there today, but I can be reached by cell phone if you need me or if S wants to talk to me. Please make note of that on the chart, also, I am to be notified at all times, if S falls, or runs a fever, or what ever should happen. She is not to be sent to the hosp without first letting me know, do you understand this? nurse:Yes, noted on chart.

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3/10/04 at a low point #2

Wednesday, March 10, 2004
at a low point #2
Sunday comes, and I haven't heard from the n.home, so I assume all might be well. I almost did not make the visit, I was so tired. But I delivered my paperwork and made my way to S. When I arrived I could see S sitting in a wheelchair that was not hers, her feet without her shoes, a sheet tied around the foot rests, and a gait belt tied behind to keep her feet from touching the floor. She had a "chair buddy", a foam device that fits in the arms of the chair that holds a person to the seat and does not let them stand from the chair. S was crying, and as I got closer I could smell the unmistakable smell of urine. I told her to calm down, I was there, and spoke to her nurse down the hall that I wanted to see him immediately in her room. I got her out of that chair, and when I took her to the bathroom to clean her up and toilet her, I found that the hematoma had shifted from her hip to her buttocks because of the position she was sitting on that right hip. After much hell raising on my part from finding an IV still in her arm from the ER that was not removed and the n.home was not aware was there, and then finding out that they were still giving her the Lortab and Ativan at the same time, I made sure that her nurse knew that I was aware of what was going on and it would not be tolerated. I left S at 8:00pm sound asleep, with the staff promising me that they would get her up and toilet her in the night to keep her from trying to get up on her own.

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3/10/04 at a low point #3

Wednesday, March 10, 2004
at a low point #3
A call to the n.home at 7am the next morning (Mon), the nurse who was going off duty spoke with me. Says S had a miserable night, didn't sleep, they had to give her more of the pain and anxiety meds. I stated I did not want her to have the Lortab any longer, and I did not want her placed in that chair with the chair buddy again as the hematoma has now shifted to her right buttock. nurse:you will have to take that up with P, the charge nurse when she comes in. S is already in that chair and that is where she will stay. I can't make that decision, besides, I don't care for S that much anyway. A quick trip to the n.home, and I got there as the nurse was telling P what our conversation had consisted of. Both had their back to me in the nursing station, so I was able to correct the embellishment that the nurse was putting on our conversation. I was able to sit down and calmly speak with the charge nurse, P, about what all had happened since Friday night, and how S has been falling apparently and I have not been notified, how they sent her to the ER without telling me, etc. She will investigate the falls, she contacted the phys to come in to examine S and check her meds to find out why she is not sleeping at night and discontinue the Lortab and the IV. She pulled the IV while I was there, bandaged many of her skin tears on her arm and legs. For the past 2 days, S cannot stay awake once I get there. They tell me that she is moving all the time, trying to stand up and getting agitated, and sure enough when I first get there, I see that. Then she calms down, and gets almost drugged sleepy and can barely stay awake to eat. They tell me when I leave she sleeps until 11:30/12:00 then is awake most of the night trying to get up out of bed and getting more and more agitated. The phys has not made a visit as of yet, so he will hopefully today. I am putting S in God's hands at this point. I will continue to do all that I can, but whether S pulls thru this or not is up to God.

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Just to let you know my thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope your well. Hang in there.
Comment from gbgoglo - 3/27/04 4:46 PM

I have walked in your shoes and my heart goes out to you. It's so draining on a person's psyche especially when the n. homes aren't willing to work with you. She probably feels safe when you're there and that's probably why she falls asleep. You hang in there. May God bless you and yours and may he take care of things with S. and grant her peace. From my heart to yours...gloria
Comment from gbgoglo - 3/11/04 3:10 AM