Sunday, January 25, 2004

1/25/04 update on Lisa

Sunday, January 25, 2004
update on Lisa

News update on Lisa, Don and the family.

Lisa came home from the hospital for good on the 19th of Jan. This picture is of her and sweet Chloe on their first night home together. ">There are more pictures on Lisa's website 'Lisa's Story'. Here is the link from a post I had made earlier about her. My sister has been in touch with Don and he is so glad to have his wife home again. He says the work getting the house accessible is worth having Lisa there with him and the kids. The kids are adjusting to their mom and her different ways of doing things now. Don told my sister, that when he and the kids went to the hospital on New Years Eve, they got there early, and surprised Lisa in the bathroom putting on her makeup with her stumps. She was hoping to surprise them by being all dressed up. We also found out that Lisa was a Mary Kay Consultant prior to her going into the hospital.

I am a physical therapist by trade, and see so much everyday in my practice, yet it still amazes me at times what a person can go thru and still come out whole on the other side. Lisa is as whole as if she still had her legs and hands. She is still Lisa, mommy, daughter, friend, lover and all the many names that described her before she became ill.

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    What a Wonderful tribute!
    Comment from deabvt - 2/3/04 5:03 PM

    I did email Lisa and wanted to thank you also for shring her story. She is truly an inspiration!...I will send prayers to God for her!
    Comment from bernmilo - 1/31/04 11:16 AM

    I really love coming to your feels wonderful.
    Comment from ckays1967 - 1/30/04 10:27 AM

    My best wishes go to Lisa and her family. It's good that what matter most is what's on the inside and not the outside. However, I realize that Lisa faces many challenges that go beyond the way things look. I'll be praying for her.
    Comment from hrmore1956 - 1/28/04 5:06 AM

    I'm happy to hear that Lisa is home with her family. I will keep them all in my prayers.
    Comment from karensull12 - 1/26/04 4:49 PM

    Comment from wayoutdacloset - 1/25/04 4:20 PM

    I like your journal and the way you write...My name is Gloria and I want to thank you for your very kind and caring comments...I am fairly new at this computer stuff and journaling...most of the time its trial and error...I love your graphics...I'd like to learn how to do graphics...any suggestions? I love the way you write about your family...very refreshing in today"s world...God bless you and yours...
    Comment from gbgoglo - 1/25/04 2:16 PM

    The family sounds tight knit & loving. Lisa looks like a woman that has a lot of will power to adjust to her new situation. It is amazing how a person's true character shines in moments like these.
    Comment from aiibrat - 1/25/04 1:12 AM

Saturday, January 24, 2004

1/24/04 soup's on

Saturday, January 24, 2004
soup's on

We are supposedly having a cold snap here, so I am making a big pot of soup for tonight's supper.<> Vegtable beef with beef, potatoes, rutabaga, cabbage, corn, green beans, peas, tomatoes and carrots. Tonight we will all go out to my sisters house, and the kids will all be in. Bowl of soup, some fresh berries over ice cream, and then a game of cards with the gang. I am looking forward to that.

Talked with S Thursday night about going back to Martha's. She is so excited, she just can't wait to get out of the nursing home. She said "I only hope I can keep it together by then". I'm sure she will. As much as she dislikes the nursing home, I can't fault the care they have given her. They have her on this bed that goes all the way down to the floor to keep her from falling out of it. She hates it cause it is hard for her to get back up in her wheelchair from it. I can't get her to understand that it one of the reasons they are using it, trying to get her to call for assistance with her transfers. I haven't had a call in the middle of the night about a fall in while now.

The last 3 entries I have made to my journal page have been thru the AOL site, not the IE. Seems to be working good now. Not exactly sure when it began, but so far so good. I never did have the "counter" trouble others were having with their journals (keeping my fingers crossed).

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This entry has 1 comments: (Add your own) Isn't it amazing how a pot of soup (any kind) can warm the soul on a cold or rainy day? You left a comment in my grief journal...
com/gbgoglo/ToKevinWithLoveMom...thank you for visiting...I welcome any suggestions/constructive criticism as I'm fairly new at this and don't know what I'm doing most of the time...again, thank you for your visit...from my heart to yours...
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Thursday, January 22, 2004

1/22/04 keeping my fingers crossed

Thursday, January 22, 2004
keeping my fingers crossed

Got some hopeful news, as least I hope it is, about S yesterday. Martha called me yesterday morning and said she was getting a new place and there was room for S there with them. She thought February 1 would be a good time for her to come with them. S has been talking to me every day and all she wants is to go back with Martha and get out of that nursing home. Martha and I discussed the fact that she will not drop S unless she becomes physically ill and cannot be cared for at home. Should her money run out, Martha says she will work with S to keep her there with her. I will discuss the details with S tonight when I go visit her. She is doing so well lately, I would not want to do anything that might jeopardize that. But I know what her answer will be... ">

This is where you take a leap of faith and just trust that you are making the right decision.

I thought I would include a picture of my sweetie pie, Kelly for something good to look at.

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Monday, January 19, 2004

1/19/04 aol-hell

Monday, January 19, 2004

Ewwww! I have had it with aol hell mail.">Why is it, they think they are doing us such a favor with their "super dooper pooper scooper spam controls", and all that appears to get blocked is list mail that I have been receiving without a problem for the past 4½ years. You would think that for what we pay a month I would not have to have list mail sent to a yahoo account. Makes me question why bother with aol at all? I have been a loyal customer since 1997, even stayed with aol when I got cable connection, and I seriously hate the thoughts of changing, but am giving serious consideration for the first of February. I guess I will have to find another journal site, but that's not impossible either. There has been enough trouble with the journals also, aol can't seem to get their act together recently. Ewwww, I hate aol tonight!

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LOL! I'm sorry I should laugh cuz I know you're upset. But I've certainly done my fair share of blogging about how screwey AOL can be at times. Yeah, the problem with the spam controls is they learn from EVERYONE. So if 100 people say it's spam & you say it ain't it STILL goes to your spam folder UNLESS you add the address of the sender to your address book. I think that should clear it up. :-)

Comment from itsjustusinnc - 1/21/04 7:09 PM

so sorry, I meant "I DIG the gecko animation" ... the other way sounded so bad!!! (really embarrassed)
Comment from aiibrat - 1/21/04 1:37 AM

I totally understand about the Spam control. It works, but a couple of my email that I get regularly have been blocked on a regular basis. It's annoying. I've had to check the spam folder to see if it was there. Yep, 3 days worth. But like anything, AOL is a work in progress.

PS. I did the gecko animation! It's funny.
Comment from aiibrat - 1/21/04 1:35 AM

Yeah! I don't know if it's AOL or simply my computer that's acting very foolish tonight. My clock is wrong and I haven't touched it. And, although I have cable, my computer is acting as if it is a dial up version. Everything is so slow. I don't even want to talk about the lack of email on my regular account, in-fact, don't let me get started. Missed you over at Bookkeeper, drop on by, going to put up a great pix. Race
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Sunday, January 18, 2004

1/18/04 blessed birthday silence

Sunday, January 18, 2004
blessed birthday silence

Had a birthday get together with the whole family last night, minus one nephew who was working, and my first great-niece. It was in celebration of my niece-in-law's 36th birthday on Monday. "> "

M is married to my oldest nephew. (They were married one month to the day that Bob died. The last pictures I have of Bob and I were at their reception.) M and B have blessed me with 2 beautiful great-nieces. In our family the birthday person gets to choose the meal plans, and M's choice was a very nice seafood restaurant close to my home. So 17 of us met at the restaurant and then came back to my house for presents, cake and ice cream. My ears are still buzzing this morning from all the commotion. A 6 year old, two 4 year olds, a 23 month old and a 19 month old lead to a full house and a lot of noise. The kids are not that hard to take, it's the parents trying to get them to quiet down and behave that is the noisiest. We did get a chance to get in a game of cards later in the evening. My family is the greatest, and I love the fact that we are all so close and get together so often, but the blessed silence when they go home is indescribable. ">

Here is a picture of M with her two girls.

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    I totally related to the blessed silence! It's great to party & have a blast, but to be in one's space, a quiet space is priceless! 17 in a restaurant! Did you reserve seating? The more the merrier tho'
    Comment from aiibrat - 1/18/04 10:42 PM

Friday, January 16, 2004

1/16/04 more pictures of my owl

Friday, January 16, 2004
more pictures of my owl

">I went out and got a few more pictures of my owl in the garage yesterday. For those who asked: no, he is not a pet, he is a wild owl. I don't know why he started coming to my garage in the first place, but I am happy he is out there. Owls tend to eat rodents which is fine by me. But there is a down side to having an owl in the garage and that is the mess that he creates. The non digestible parts of the bugs and rodents he eats are expelled in a rather large pellet that he regurgitates, and the other waste is expelled in rather large messy droppings.

A few interesting facts about the Eastern Screech Owl. The usually mate for life, although they will take another mate if their first one disappears or dies. The mother owl takes care of the babies, and daddy is the main food source for his family. They hunt while in flight, and eat mamals such as field/deer mice, chipmunks, small birds, etc. They also eat insects and grubs. They tend to get to 7½ to 8 inches in length, and weigh between 7 and 8 oz. at full maturity. I don't have a name for my baby, but I tend to think his name is Robert.

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    Wow, that is something. And the eyes are so expressive. The Owl isn't afraid of you? You've got an interesting journal.
    Comment from mnaselli - 1/21/04 10:11 PM

    You owl is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Wow! I'd definitely keep a bird that lovely regardless of the mess he makes. LOL! GORGEOUS!

    Comment from itsjustusinnc - 1/18/04 2:30 AM

    I think your owl is alot prettier than mine....maybe we should get together and mate em, who knows baby owls....sounds cool to me!
    Comment from bernmilo - 1/17/04 12:54 AM

    These are great shots of your owl! Plus, the owl tidbits are interesting. Mate for life, huh? That's totally cool. Thanks for sharing "Robert".
    Comment from aiibrat - 1/16/04 4:23 PM

    Excellent pics of your new friend! That is just something! I thought watching the hummingbirds at my mom's was "new", but this is really neat! Its one of the things I hear about and read in books but never actually saw pics of someone that had one. Thank you for sharing! - Sheila
    Comment from shooser1 - 1/16/04 11:26 AM

Monday, January 12, 2004

1/12/04 my owl in the garage

Monday, January 12, 2004
my owl in the garage

Visited another journal today, Way Neato Pictures, by bernmilo and s/he posted a picture of an owl in their garage. I just couldn't resist. I have had this baby in my garage for over 3 years now. He can enter and exit through the rafters in the end. He comes and goes at will. Sometimes I will go a few weeks without seeing him, and then all of a sudden he is back. He tends to always be there when I get stressed and need to be calmed down tho.

This picture was taken 6/28/02. I first noticed him the fall of '01. That thing that he is sitting over is a wrench to take the oil thingy out of the car when you change the oil, and that blue thing is a pop-riveter thingy. To get an idea of size, that is a standard 2X4 next to him, and the metal pole is what the electric wires are running in. Yes, this is always the same owl, although he was there with another one once last summer. It was taller, but skinner, and not nearly as brightly colored (must have been the female). Normally it is him only. He lets me get fairly close to him, and when I walk around, you can see him watch me. My niece seems to think it is her Uncle Bob looking out for his garage and making sure I don't screw anything up. Could be, but I know that him being out there makes me feel good.

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    Your owl is sooo pretty. Thanks for sharing. Paula
    Comment from plieck30 - 1/20/04 11:56 PM

    Wow! this is a really cool entry. glad I stopped by again. Barbpinion
    Comment from barbpinion - 1/14/04 12:41 PM

    How neat. I want my own owl. I hear one outside once in a while, but have never seen it.

    Comment from hrmore1956 - 1/14/04 4:25 AM

    Absolutely G R E A T Pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is he still around?
    Comment from deabvt - 1/13/04 6:39 PM

    Wow Isnt this just the weirdest thing that we both have owls living in our garage.
    Its way to ironic, I will post more pics just because maybe its the same owl, wouldn't that be weird.
    Comment from bernmilo - 1/13/04 8:35 AM

    I want one!!!!!!!!!!! OMG.. He is adorable. Do you have a name for him?
    Comment from treth468 - 1/12/04 11:24 PM

1/12/04 it's that time again

Monday, January 12, 2004
it's that time again

I think its about time I get my butt in gear and start back on the old 'eating good for myself' routine. I have been comforting myself with some of the little delectables that I love so much, but do nothing to add to your good health. You know what I mean, the cookies, candies, cakes and pies that go together to make the Christmas season.

But it wont be long and it will be bathing suit season, and I will be like the lady in the cartoon ...

Yep, that could be me.

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    Comment from wayoutdacloset - 1/22/04 4:17 AM

    I can relate to the whole "eating good for yourself" routine. That cartoon is sure motivating me to get my lazy butt back to the gym.
    Comment from aiibrat - 1/12/04 11:22 PM

    LOL. I was scrolling down and did NOT expect that derriere. Funny.

    Comment from hrmore1956 - 1/12/04 9:34 PM

    LOL Well, that photo gave me motivation if nothing else did. hope it works for you too. Barbpinion
    Comment from barbpinion - 1/12/04 6:17 PM