Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hold the Horses! What??? An actual post from me?

I am feeling the need to get into the swim of things again. I tend to get down easily and let things get to me, and then begin to feel that I have nothing to contribute. So much good has happened since Christmas, and I haven't made note of any of it.

Work has drastically changed, with the resigning of many of our therapists, including our director and assistant director. I can only hope that this change will be for the better eventually. Of course, being who I am I will stick it out until the end. I wonder what made me so terrified of change? I'm busier than I like to be, would really like to only see 4 patients a day, then have the rest of the time to myself, but... I do what I need to. One consolation, the paycheck looks decent! Hopefully I will get a chance to take some time off this year and enjoy something other than work.

We've had several birthdays in the family since December. Brother/law and great niece and great nephew all celebrated on Valentines day. Bruce was 68, sweet Megan turned 4, and my precious pumpkin Bryce turned the BIG 1.
Here is a pic of the three of them.
Oh, how they love their Papaw!

Couldn't let this post go by without a picture of Bryce and his birthday cake!
As you can tell from the picture, he loved it. He had icing up his nose, in his ears and was more than willing to share with anyone who came close enough. This Auntie knew enough to keep her distance.

My sister just had some hernia surgery this past Monday, this was the third time. She came through it without any complications, and the doctor repaired one rather large new hernia above the umbilical area, and re-repaired a small one just below. He put in a large piece of mesh to hopefully keep this from happening again. She and I have been going to Curves 3 days a week. I offered to join with her last fall to give us some time together and support her in her exercise, but now she won't be able to go for at least 5-6 weeks. I thought I would probably skip out on the exercise, but when Monday came, I felt guilty about not going and dragged my butt there after work. I do enjoy the work outs, and feel better doing them. I guess I do it for myself more than I thought I did.

We had Easter at my mom and dad's this year. The whole family was there. The kids all swam their little hearts out, hunted eggs and ate candy till their parents finally came to what was going on. Dinner was great, but the company was even better. Tonight we are going into DiAnna's for cards after dinner. We will meet at Vincent's, a very nice Italian restaurant and then go out to DiAnna and Bruce's. She didn't think she wanted to do much riding around in the car, can't say that I blame her.

Well, will close this now, and post more when I can. Need to get this house picked up and get ready to go out.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Pam Hilger (his1desire)

I join with all those in J-land who are mourning the passing of our dear friend Pam, of "
Just One Girl's Head Noise". Pam was a founding force in AOL's blogging experience, who reached out to everyone in J-land with a helping hand. Pam was diagnosed with extensive lung cancer in June 05 and shared her journey with us, including her stopping smoking and the hopes and dreams that came with her journey.

Yesterday, Easter Sunday, Pam lost her fight with cancer, but she in no way lost the battle. I admired her strength, her courage in sharing, and her determination in living life on her terms. The sky will be a little brighter tonight, the earth will sigh with the loss.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who loved her and will miss her presence on this earth.

addendum: 1/5/07 Just wandered over to Pam's journal and noticed that all her pictures had been removed somehow. Just the dreaded little box with the red X. I wanted the world to remember her, and thankfully I had downloaded a picture to my computer. So I added it back to my post here. Rest well Pam, you are remembered as we pass into this new year.