Friday, August 27, 2004

8/27/04 untitled

Friday, August 27, 2004

I haven't had any luck with getting my tree taken care of yet, but I am so thankful that it hasn't moved or come down yet.

I've just about had it, calling tree companies, leaving messages and not getting return calls. I know that they are all out straight, but you would think they would have someone return calls. I have contacted about 19 companies and left messages to talk to someone about getting on a list for them to come out and check my tree, have had 2 come out, and heard back from one that will call me when he gets time.

Mom and daddy got their tree down finally, although it is a mess over there. The trunk is about 3 feet up now, and the grounds around it are littered with wood, bark and chips. Part of the trunk they hauled out to the curb is over 3½ feet across. I didn't realize that tree was that large until you see it down. Thank God there was not more damage done when that third came down on the neighbors homes. When I drive around seeing my clients, the area around here looks like a war zone; there is brush everywhere, downed trees and shrubs, collapsed fences, houses with tarps on the roofs. We have been told to haul the brush and trees to the curb, and the county will pick them up. We are not to burn any yard trash. Not sure what is up with that, except the county could make some money by chipping the debris and selling it for mulch. That would recoup some of their losses I guess. I don't really care, as I am not that big on burning anymore since Bob died. Bob always liked to burn yard trash, he would pile it all in a huge burn pile, then at least twice a year we would have a big bonfire. It always made me nervous, but I did enjoy it.

I've been sort of down in the dumps, feeling a little lost for the past week or so. I know that it's probably normal after going thru something like this, but I don't like it. I don't like the feeling of not having control of things here at my home, and not knowing if or when the tree will be taken care of. I worry about the new hurricane sitting out in the Atlantic, I don't know how much wind my tree will take before coming down. I haven't felt much like writing since finally getting back online, but maybe that is what I need to do. I haven't even been on the computer that much. You know the old saying about pulling myself up by my bootstraps and all that. I need to give myself a pep talk to keep on keeping on.

A quote I have over my computer that I need to look at more closely:
darker things become, the more God shines!

Just heard from Mom, she said they took down the rest of the tree to the ground yesterday afternoon, and then this morning the stump grinder is there. It's going to cost them $175. to grind the stump, although he says he will take care of the major roots coming off the stump also. He said he normally charges $100. but her stump is so big, and it is very difficult to get his equipment into position. Plus he is trying to make a little to cover his rooming and eating expenses, as he is down here from upper NY area picking up work. My mom doesn't really care any longer, she just wants it done and over, and try to get their lives back to normal. I don't blame her.

Well, time to think about getting out there to work. I think I do feel a little better having written this down finally. Uncle owl is in the garage every day, which is a comfort. My dog and cat are both well, and all of my family is well. There is so much to be thankful for, I feel bad about being so down in the dumps about it all.

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I really hope you feel a bit more upbeat soon. It's probably all the trouble with the tree stiring up feelings of too much to worry about. I know about those feelings. So, I'll say......most of the stuff that depressed or worried me wasn't worth a moment of taking away my joy. Do something special for you today. Pick anything. Doesn't have to be a big deal.....maybe rent a movie but I do hope you feel better.
Comment from readmereadyou - 8/27/04 3:38 PM

{{{{Lynda}}}} I remember after living through a hurricane, the weeks after were definitely worse than the actual event. Everything is such a mess and everywhere you turn there are reminders. I am sorry you are feeling down, I hope things start looking better again soon.
Comment from mom23nca - 8/27/04 3:32 PM

I think you are entitled to feeling down when your world gets blown into large chunks of trees down everywhere. It will get better, though it does take time-I know you know this, but sometimes it helps to hear from others, too. Margo
Comment from magogos - 8/27/04 12:24 PM

Sunday, August 22, 2004

8/22/04 finally back online!

Sunday, August 22, 2004
finally back online!

I am finally back into AOL and J-Land. I survived Charley, but lost my internet access in cable and phone. I never did lose the power, but my next door neighbors had a transformer get hit by a limb and were without power for 7 days. Also the neighborhood across the street from me, was without power for 6 days. My mom and dad lost their power for 24 hours, and lost 1/3 of a huge oak tree that fell onto the backyard neighbors houses. Thank God no one was hurt. Their tree was a baby when my parents brought me home from the hospital. (Yes, my parents still live in the home I was born and raised in.)

The wind and rain after my last post was horrendous! Not sure how high exactly, but you could feel the air suck out of the house when it blew. I lost the power on and off and the cable at that point and decided it was time to sit in the hall. When it finally slowed down at 11:30 or so, I went to bed. The power had come back on but no phone or cable.
At my house, I lost a tree up front when a pine snapped in half and fell in the driveway and had to be cut up and removed by my nephews and brother/law. My biggest problem is the oak tree in the back yard. It split and 1/2 is headed for the house and the other for the back yard. Here are some pictures of the damage. You can see the line of sky poking thru the tree (it used to be solid green leaves) and now you can barely see the house and deck in front of it. The limbs were never that low before this. If it should fall, it will fall onto the house and cover it.

My brother/law, nephew's and niece all came over on Saturday and Sunday after the huricane, and cut down the pine in front, picked up the many limbs and trash that had come down, and then on Sunday, chained the oak tree together. They first pulled the chain tight with a winch, then cut off 3 or 4 of the heaviest branches on the house side, which allowed the tree to actually pick itself back up, then they had to re-tighten the chain again.

I haven't gotten anyone out to take the tree down yet. I have had 2 estimates so far, one of $2,000.00 and the other of $2,700.00. Needless to say these are quite high, and with the insurance not covering the removal unless it hits the house, I am hoping to get someone who is fair. Prior to the hurricane, I was told the cost of removal was around $800.00. Needless to say there is a lot of price gouging going on here now.

I haven't been able to get online because of loss of cable and phone connection. When I finally got that repaired, my computer decided to take a dump. Friday I finally ended up re-formating the hard drive and reinstalling everything. I have lost all my bookmarks for my journals, and most of everything else. I repeatedly tried to reinstall Norton Anti-Virus with my system crashing and freezing each and every time. I finally got all of Norton removed today, and downloaded Zone Alarm with Anti-Virus on it. It went on smoothly, and everything seems to be working ok tonight. I am sorry that I missed the ball and the closing ceremonies for the Anniversary Celebration! But I was with you ALL in spirit. And to think, I looked so good in my red silk dress! You all should have seen me. Uncle Owl was disappointed he did not get to attend his first ball! Maybe next year. :o)

It will take me a while to get back up to speed, but I look forward to getting around to the journals and checking out what has been happening. I thank each and everyone of you who have commented or sent email to check on me, and kept me and mine in their thoughts and prayers. S is fine, with no damage to the nursing facility she is at. She said she slept thru everything, and couldn't believe all the damage that was being reported.

G'nite J-Land, you have been missed!

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Friday, August 13, 2004

8/13/04 update

Friday, August 13, 2004

Quick update... Charley has made his way to the southern portion of Orlando/Central Florida area. Where I am is having some very heavy winds and rainfall, I am watching the lights go off and on across the road from me. So far I have not lost power, and am holding my own. Wind is gusting 45+ mph now, they are figuring it will pass here in the next 45 mins or so.
latest picture by

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    HOpe you are okay. Worried about you because you haven't updated in a while.
    Comment from mom23nca - 8/18/04 4:22 PM

    Hope you are well-I am sending you thoughts and energy. Blessings, Margo
    Comment from magogos - 8/17/04 10:34 AM

    hello i'm stephanie and this is my first time veiwing your journal...Just wanted to say stay safe and i hope everything will be fine!! ~stephanie
    Comment from alwayzyourz - 8/16/04 5:42 PM

    Please check in!
    Comment from deabvt - 8/16/04 5:34 PM

    Aunti Lyn,
    Just checking in on you! That map makes "Charlie" look horrible, and he is.
    Stay careful.
    Comment from spurgins311 - 8/14/04 10:12 PM

    Stay safe......Thinking of you.
    Comment from readmereadyou - 8/13/04 10:37 PM

8/13/04 charley:o(

Friday, August 13, 2004

Well, nothing like having so much going on that you can't take the time to update your journal, and then when you can finally get the time, you have Hurricane Charley to deal with. Here in north west Central Florida, we are waiting for Charley to make his presence known. So far this afternoon, we have been hit with one outer band around 3pm, and so far it dumped 1" of water in just a little less than 1 hour. They are calling for at least 8-10" here where I live. Charley has come ashore at Port Charlotte/Sanibel Island, and now will be headed up thru the center of the state. Port Charlotte is about 140 miles s/sw of me. The latest news is that we will begin to be in the thick of the bands around 6pm tonight, and it will be on us tonight around 11:00pm. So those that pray or believe in positive thoughts, keep us here in Florida in your prayers and thoughts.

I will try to keep my journal updated as to Charley's progress as long as I have power.
Blessings, Auntie Lyn

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    Where are you? Are you alright? Haven't heard from you in so long. Please write and let us know.
    Comment from spurgins311 - 8/22/04 11:04 AM

    Please tell me you're okay!!!
    Comment from haikulike - 8/18/04 11:34 AM

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

8/4/04 repentant and reformed...

Wednesday, August 4, 2004
repentant and reformed...

My Dear Dearest Friend Walter, His Mom,
and his Highly Esteemed Counsel, Ms. Tara =)
(who is not only the best legal counsel here in J-Land, but is also the smartest and prettiest attorney in the world)
(how's that for furry butt kissin?)

Hoot! I sit before you, repentant and reformed. What can I say to explain my actions? Hoot! It could have been that a little mouse bone lodged in my craw that made me say these hurtful and hateful things to you, Walter. Hoot! You are a fine specimen of a Wonderpup, a true Hav...
(whatever the hell that is)
You don't stink, and you have good solid reasons for sniffing butt and eating poop I guess. HOOOOT! 'Scuse me, seems I have a catch in my throat...

Walter, Hoot! we here in the animal kingdom need to get along in this human world or they will do away with all of us. I found my way to Auntie Lyn's garage by accident, but so far she has plenty of good food and a dry place to hang my hood, so I've stayed. Hoot! But I don't dare let her know that I like it or she will do something stupid to ruin it for me. (Hoot! You know, like leaving a light on so I can't catch any food, or decorating the windows so I get caught in the curtains, or some other dumb thing like that.)

Hoot! My only excuse for my misguided behavior is that I got caught up in the AOL Anniversary Celebrations and I just couldn't help myself. Hoot!

I think it started with that lady, Miss Vivy, who thinks she is the cat's pajamas - Hoot! - you know the one I mean. Miss Vivy's the one that has been winning everything
all over
the place
here in J-Land.

Her head is getting so big now, that it takes a special shirt to hold it on for her. Hoot! You can't even see her arms and legs any more, cause her head's just wayyyyy too big!

Hoot! Well anyway, she claimed you for her *nephew* and went on and on about how smart you were to send a card... and you were so cute and cuddly and all that other crap, leaving all of us other non-Homo sapiens out in the cold looking in from the other side of the door! Hoot! It just plain hurt my feelings, and the feelings of all the other owls in my neighborhood.

I'm sure there are others of the animal persuasion out there in J-Land that got their feelings hurt as well. Hoot! I felt I needed to send a card to honor the celebrations also, but somehow I just got carried away. Hoot! I shouldn't have taken my frustrations out on you Walter. Hell, what I should have done is I should have climbed Miss Vivy's frame. She is not of our kingdom Walter, she is human!!!!! Hoot!

Hoot! You know Walter, I might just get some of my buddies and buzz over to her place and pay her a visit...
Care to join us?

With Love, Uncle Owl...the other white meat!

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    Hi Auntie Lyn! Pleased to make your acquaintance! Great journal--and thanks for visiting mine! Love Uncle Owl and WonderPup!
    Comment from laurak411 - 8/7/04 7:00 PM

    Well, I see you've gone completely off the deep end while I was gone.
    So good to know.

    I'm guessing i will never catch up.
    Comment from haikulike - 8/7/04 2:23 AM

    OMG I just realized I hadn't left a comment for you, Owl! Here I put a response in my journal and forgot to come back to tell you how proud I am of you! :)

    As for all those compliments, would you rather I send payment via PayPal as opposed to putting a check in the mail? ;)

    ~tara :)
    Comment from pollysci - 8/6/04 11:34 AM

    See I told you that I wasnt' as wise as you are, I just left you a comment, but it's in the previous entry and not in this one where it should be!
    Comment from viviansullinwank - 8/5/04 10:53 AM

    Thanks for the laugh.
    *** Coy ***

    Comment from coy1234787 - 8/5/04 10:20 AM

    Wise One, this has NOT turned out as I expected it to. How could I be so misunderstood?And to think I was admiring you so for your beauty (I've never seen such wonderful pictures of a wise winged one) I was so proud of you for making amends with Walter...but everything you'd been doing to him you've now directed my way. Oh well, I must do the right thing.....turn ther cheek and pray for the best.
    Comment from viviansullinwank - 8/5/04 7:41 AM

    so cute.. I enjoyed the fun.
    Comment from spurgins311 - 8/5/04 1:21 AM

    Boy, I really enjoyed that! The last Pic! LMAO!
    Comment from deabvt - 8/4/04 4:16 PM

    Uncle Owl, you and I have been the victims of a ratings stunt, I fear. See ya in Texas!

    ~~ walter, who's packing to go to auntie viv's house
    Comment from xzasporated1 - 8/4/04 12:43 PM

    I have been trying to explain J-Land to a friend not in the loop, but I am at a loss for words about the creature features because I am still laughing too hard! Thanks and blessings, Margo
    Comment from magogos - 8/4/04 12:00 PM

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

8/3/04 poor delusional walter

Tuesday, August 3, 2004

poor delusional walter

Walter, Walter, Walter, you poor delusional creature. Hoot! You don't even know what you are, do you? And to think, you are writing in a journal giving all sorts of advice and stuff? Such a pity.
Hoot! Hoot!

To think that you try to match wits with me, a wise old screech owl. Hoot! I think you've had your head in that great big white water dish too long! Hoot! I did notice that your mom combed your hair back to show you had eyes finally. (I must admit you have a cute little nose tho.) Leave it to an old dog to go out and try to get council rather than chewing the fat. Or did your mommy do that for you?

Hoot! Now as far as my pooping on the birthday cake... that would probably suit you just fine. It's your type (the DOG type) that goes around sniffing butts and eating poop. Hoot! I saw one of your doggy kind get in the litter box of Auntie Lyn's kitty, and eat up all she could before Auntie Lyn got there. That's just like an old dog, ya know. Hoot!

And about these points you made in your reply to me....

Here are my answers to you.

1.) Sniffing butt.
Hey Mr. Owl, do you even have a butt? And we know what you eat. You're just jealous cause nobody would want to sniff your butt even if you had one. So there. And I do too have eyes.

Hoot! Of course I have a butt, but I have enough sense of decourm to keep it tucked out of sight under my tail feathers. Only my Mrs. gets to see or smell my butt. We in the aviary community are not like some mangy ole mutts holding our tail straight up for all to come by and see and smell their butt. Also, we are monogamous, we mate for life, not like the old dog who sleeps with any ole thang that comes into heat!

2.) Fleas

When was the last time you saw a bunch of owls at camp writing home to thank ma and pa for the flea stuff? Huh? That's right. Nobody sells fancy stuff for OWLS! Rats have fleas. You eat rats. You poop fleas.

Hoot! That's right, no one has to buy expensive products to put on me. Why would you want to get rid of something that tastes so good? Hoot! Fleas are sort of an 'Aviary Caviar'. Hoot! It's a delicacy, an aquired taste if you must. Hoot! And as far as the rats, what a service we do for the homeowners, keeping their cost down on pest control...

3.) Journals
If owls are so danged wise, why can't they type? Answer that one wiseguy. And us Havs KNOW it takes more than three licks to get to the center of the sucker. So there.

Sucker, smucker! Hoot! Whoo cares about that sweet stuff. It just melts down those few brain cells that you have up there in that hollow thing you call a head. And as far as typing in a journal, we don't have to do that, we just use AOL by phone! So there Walter! Hoot! Hoot!

4.) I am a Hav
I AM NOT EITHER A DOG. Quit calling me that! I want a dog though, but my mom won't get me one. QUIT CALLING ME A DOG. Mom, he's callin' me a dog.

What in God's green earth is a Hav anyway? the other half of a have not??? You know, it doesn't matter how you spell it Walter, if it looks like a dog, smells like a dog, and sniffs butt like a dog, a DOG it surely is.

So Walter the Wonderdog! Hoot! Stand up on those four legs and admit who you are! Quit living in the land of De-Nile. Who do you think you are, Cleopatra????

See ya round the block, Walter the wonderdog!
Be sure and watch out for swooping birds!

Your Wise Uncle Owl

(see this face and be afraid!)

PS: Oh, and one other thing...

Tell that uppity lawyer of yoursto talk to the hand!
Ain't no court in the animal kingdom and you know that! Before it's over she will be laughed into the pro-boneo poor house! Hoot, I will make sure that no owl goes near her place and she will be overrun with rats, snakes, gophers and other nuisance critters! After all, we all know some pretty good lawyer jokes now don't we?...
Did you ever hear the one about the good lawyer? I didn't think so... Hoot..Hoot..Hoot!

Whoops, I hear Auntie Lyn coming into the garage. I must get off this phone before I'm caught! She thinks I need to apologize to you, and join a 12 step program to be nice to the dimmer-witted, but I just can't see that happening any time soon. Back at cha Walter!

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Dear Wise One, I just read from Walter (via his Mom's journal) that you two are now forever friends. Walter and I have made our peace with each other....let's make that peace spread all around and all of us enjoy this anniversary and all of us participate in it. This anniversary isn't just for the homo sapien bloggers. Because it's very evident how many wonderful non homo sapiens are in the JLand community members households.

Dear Wise One, I'd love it if you'd share some of your wisdom with the community by writing something for the festivities that will be featured in the Special Edition Anniversary Blog? Do you think that could be a project you and Auntie Lynn could work on together?

Please let me know.
Vivian (old but not as wise as you)

Comment from viviansullinwank - 8/5/04 10:53 AM

Comment from wumzels2 - 8/5/04 1:26 AM

These are Great! LMAO!
Comment from deabvt - 8/4/04 4:30 PM

"not like the old dog who sleeps with any ole thang that comes into heat!"

I beg your pardon, Sir, but I WILL NOT allow you to cast aspersions upon my character nor upon my wife. Be advised I have retained the services of Dewey, Cheatum & Howe, Attorneys at Law of the great City of Boston, Massachusetts, to sue every feather you have off your tired old carcass until there won't be a single lick of white meat on your bones, bird!

That'll learn you to mess with mongrels!

Comment from olddog299 - 8/4/04 12:33 PM

Can you, Walter, say Judge Judy and Uncle Owl, I am sure you can say Judge Judy...oh what a case this would be. It would go down in J-Land history. Televised for the world to see.

I hope someone can shed, uhmm, some light (I did not say fur) on this situation. Let the feathers, I mean, fleas, I mean....let something fall wherever it may!

I am pulling for both of you. May the best, uhmmm, creature win.

This is a HOOT, :)
Comment from spurgins311 - 8/4/04 1:46 AM

Hehe that was cute! *misty*
Comment from faygodaze07 - 8/4/04 12:18 AM

Hey!! No jury tampering!!!

~~ walter's mom, jennifer
walter is just too distressed to write for himself. HOOOO is to blame???
Comment from xzasporated1 - 8/4/04 12:03 AM

Dear Uncle Owl,

Send my regards to your sweet Aunt Lyn--you should listen to her more often. =D

~tara :)
Comment from pollysci - 8/3/04 11:48 PM

A delightful entry.
Comment from barbpinion - 8/3/04 10:56 PM

Very, very cute!
Comment from readmereadyou - 8/3/04 9:45 PM