Friday, February 27, 2004

2/27/04 fridays are great

Friday, February 27, 2004
fridays are great

Friday ...">Good day to end the work week on I guess. Had unexpected company, Bob's cousin and wife, come in on Tuesday evening, and they have already headed back out early this morning. That's the kind of company to have, just long enough to find out how everyone is doing, reminisce about old times, and then leave. What is that saying about company being like fish? Something about after 3 days they start stinking? It was great to see them, and hopefully I will make it up to Maine this summer to see them and the rest of the family.

S is making it day by day at the nursing home. They are trying to get her over to the north side, where they know her and are used to her ways. I give her so much credit for keeping it together right now. Wonderful news, the speech therapist was in yesterday, and they tested her on honey thick liquids, and she did very well. There is no reason to think that she will not be able to have the feeding tube removed eventually. S is estatic about this possibility. As soon as I got there, she told me about having 2 milk shakes with the therapist, and not choking on anything. I gave her another milk before I left her last night without any problems. She followed all the instructions about small sips, tucking her chin down, and keeping her mouth shut as she begins to swallow. There is such a bright light at the end of that tunnel.

All in all this has been a great week, and today being Friday just rounds it all out for me.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

2/24/04 the move is made

Tuesday, February 24, 2004
the move is made

Well, S was moved to the nursing home yesterday. They were unable to get her to the same wing as previously, so the nursing staff is different than what she remembers, and the room is totally backwards to what she had before. I am hoping that they can get her over to the north side soon.">Another problem is the bathroom is off the center of the room, and the door does not open completely against the wall, and S is having problems manuevering her wheelchair around the door and into the BR. The door only opens 90ยบ and sticks out into the room. I can see this just isn't going to work for S safely, so I will call the director of nursing today to report these problems and give them a chance to make some changes. S was very clear mentally when I got there yesterday evening. She was "starving" and wanted to get out of that bed. I helped her get dressed and into her wheelchair, and then we hunted the nurse down about the tube feedings. Finally got that started around 7:30 last night and left her resting back in her bed at 8:30. Keeping my fingers crossed that there were no problems last night.

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Saturday, February 21, 2004


Saturday, February 21, 2004
at peace

A quick entry today. S had a feeding tube placed yesterday, got a call from the hospital that she was quite confused and frightened after the proceedure, but was resting comfortably.">They were asking my permission to transfuse 2 units of blood, as her level was quite low for some reason. By the time I got to the hosp, S was doing fine, she was clear again mentally. The doctor thought it was a reaction to the drug they used to put her to sleep. We are not sure why she is having the problems with the swallowing, but tests show that ¾ of what she is drinking and eating is winding up in her windpipe and lungs, thus the pneumonia. Found out this is the second bout of pneumonia. There is scaring from a previous bout by x-ray. S doesn't like the idea of the tube, but understands that she can't keep going on like this.

I made it by the bank, and got the financial stuff in order for her to go to the nursing home. Hopefully this all works out. I am trusting God that it will. I will be out of town today, but made arrangements with one of S's friends to go by and sit with her a couple of hours later today. The hosp has my cell number to reach me in case of problems.

The picture above was taken by me. It is a view from Cadiliac Mountain in Acadia National Park at Bar Harbor Maine. This was taken in September of '99 about 1:30pm. I love the sea fog that is there with the ship in the foreground. Very peaceful feelings when I look at this picture.

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    Yes, it is peaceful and very beautiful. I'm sorry to hear about S. I hope she continues to do better so she can be more comfortable. Those tubes are a pain. You're in my thoughts and in my prayers. gloria, kevin's mom
    Comment from gbgoglo - 2/23/04 12:30 AM

    Very beautiful entry...I love your writings.....Lori
    Comment from bernmilo - 2/21/04 11:13 AM

Thursday, February 19, 2004

2/19/04 a grounding

Thursday, February 19, 2004
a grounding...

I got an email yesterday morning that really grounded me. More or less, it said:

Stop telling God how big my storms are...Instead tell my storms how big my God is.

Nothing like a little email to put you back on track. God knows our troubles, we don't need to make excuses why we can't do this or that, or that our problems are so big and insurmountable. It is wasting my time and energy to second guess myself. God is bigger than all that. He knows the plan and the outcome before I can even think the fear. When I put my trust in Him, my problems shrink in His presence. I was truly blessed by that small email, and have felt peace with my thoughts since then.


S has been in the hospital since Monday now. Double pneumonia, low potassium, irregular heart beat, among other things. S and I made the decision that she will go back to the nursing home when she leaves the hospital. Things just were not working out at Martha's house, I kept getting told that S was too much care for two people? that she required too much "one on one" care. I go to the bank today to get some things in order for S, to pave the way to transition to permanent placement at the nursing home. I know that I am making the right decision for the overall safety and good of S's care. And I feel at peace with this decision.

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    It's amazing how God gets his point across when we most need it...even with the help of an email. I'm glad you feel comfortable with your's a tough call but sometimes you have to go there for their own well-being. God bless you, gloria, kevin's mom
    Comment from gbgoglo - 2/19/04 4:40 PM

Monday, February 09, 2004

2/9/04 too long since my last post

Monday, February 9, 2004
too long since my last post

I have been busy with getting S settled in at Martha's, with very limited success. ">S is having a typically hard time adjusting, added to that, we"found out she has pneumonia last Friday. We had made an appointment with her primary doctor to follow up with the coming home from the nursing home stuff, and he didn't like the way she sounded, and ordered x-rays at his office. Seems she has pneumonia in both lower lungs. He tried to get her to go to the hospital, but she refused. He put her on antibiotics and said if she gets worse to the hospital she goes no matter what. So hopefully this will take care of it. If it's not one thing, it's another I guess.

My dad turned 82 on Saturday! We will have a big celebration next weekend, as my brother/law, and my great niece's birthday are on the 14th. On Saturday, I cooked for my dad and mom, and my sister and brother/law, and my niece and her family came over for dinner. We had a small cake made by a neighbor of my dads for dessert. We women had a facial that night, thanks to D who is getting started in Mary Kay Cosmetics. Oh to be so pampered, and what better way to spend your money! Followed this with a game of cards. All in all it has been a good week.

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Wow, Mary Kay is still around? I remember when friends where getting into it, I even thought of it at one time. I sold Avon instead and paid my rent and other living expenses for three months once. Happy Valentine's day, take care. Race
Comment from chapterxxi - 2/13/04 9:15 PM

uhmm sounds good to me. Like your little graphics. Paula
Comment from plieck30 - 2/11/04 8:33 PM

You have been busy! I'm glad you had a neat weekend with family. Glad to see you posting again. From my heart to yours...gloria, kevin's mom
Comment from gbgoglo - 2/9/04 2:48 PM

Thursday, February 05, 2004

2/5/04 feeling on edge tonight

Sunday, February 15, 2004
feeling on edge tonight

Not a good end of the week or weekend as far as S is concerned."> I heard from Martha earlier tonight. S is very agitated, hasn't been sleeping well and having more phlem and congestion. She seems to be having difficulty with swallowing thin liquids. We will call the physician tomorrow morning. I would imagine he will want to admit her to the hospital, and how I dread that for her. I am thinking that her pneumonia is worsening. Going into the hospital only increases her confusion, but I know that is where she truly needs to be. Told Martha not to hesitate to call 911 if she feels that she needs to. For right now, we are just hanging in there.

After Bob died, people would ask me, "how are you making it Lynda?", and I would answer truthfully, "I am hanging in there, but I get tired of hanging all the time." That is how I am feeling with S. Hanging in there, to the point that my fingers and arms are getting so tired from holding on. S told me last Wednesday, she wishes that she would just go. I made out like I didn't know what she was talking about and said, go where? She just gave me one of those nasty looks, and chuckled. I know what she wants tho. I am praying tonight that S is comfortable, and in no fear and that God's will be done.

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I feel so bad for shouldnt have to live so hard!
Comment from bernmilo - 2/18/04 3:07 PM

...sometimes we've just got to let go. Race
Comment from chapterxxi - 2/17/04 4:55 PM

Monday, February 02, 2004

2/2/04 second guessings

Monday, February 2, 2004
second guessings

I spent the better part of yesterday getting S moved from the nursing home to Martha's. This move had been set up for the past week, the physician had come in and signed the D/C paperwork on Wednesday last, written the prescriptions, and supposedly it was good for go for the 1st. I got there yesterday morning at 9:30am and started getting clothes and belongings together (half of S's clothes are being worn by other residents, and she is wearing theirs...oh well), and nurse proceeds to come in ... "Who told you she was leaving today? I don't know anything about that. You will have to wait until I clear this with social services." After what seemed like forever, and S getting more nervous and upset by the minute and fretting the RN came in and said "You are right, she is leaving today." Well, duh, that's why I'm here packing up her belongings and loading up my car. It took forever to get the papers ready, the meds for that day prepared, and to get back to us, but finally at 11:45 we left the nursing facility and made our way on our journey of getting her settled at Martha's.

First stop to the pharmacy for scripts, 13 to be exact. That took 1½ hours to fill which we took advantage of by going out to lunch. We dropped back by the pharmacy and left them a chunk of change in the ammount of $591 for her meds, and at 1:30 we finally found Martha's new place. I am met with 4 steps up to the deck at the front door, the ramp is being built, but is not ready yet. Finally at 3:30, I kissed S goodbye, and left her to get settled in with Martha and her friends there.

I did't get a call from Martha after I left, so I am assuming that S settled down and is managing ok. I will be going there today to see S, and take her some essentials that she is needing. I am constantly second guessing myself that I made the right decision. The new place is not all that accessible to S from her wheelchair, but Martha and her family are always there to assist her. I worry that S might go off the deep end and Martha will decide that she cannot handle her, and that I will have to move S once again. I will have to just cross that bridge when I get to it. At least for now, S is back with Martha which is what she wanted, and is no longer in that nursing home.

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I'm glad you got her out of the nursing home...You made the right choice. I hope and pray that Martha and S. will coexist in love and harmony. Take care and God bless...Gloria, Kevin's mom
Comment from gbgoglo - 2/2/04 11:34 PM

S is going to be OK, maybe she will keep the nursing home experience forever in her mind, at the very least she won't want to go back soon. I do hope Martha has the gall and the patience to keep her there. As far as you, you made the right decision.... because, it is done. Race updated.
Comment from chapterxxi - 2/2/04 9:41 PM