Sunday, November 12, 2006


Amanda is home now. She has been with her daddy since the end of September. Life is somehow just how it should be now. Oddly enough, it seems as if she was never gone, as if she had been with the family all along. My heart is truly at peace that she is ok now, out of harms way. I pray that her mom somehow gets the help I think she desperately needs to find peace in herself, and I pray that she and Amanda can somehow forge some sort of friendship in the future, and forgive past hurts. Grudges never helped anyone, they only bring you more pain. I don't want that for our Amanda, she deserves more than that.

It amazes me and saddens me at the same time how mature she is for 15. Never really given the chance to be submerged in the innocence of childhood, being told that your father and his family did not love you, but had replaced you. How absolutely cruel of her mother to do this to her child, in the name of "love". But Amanda has come out on the other side whole, resilient, and a loving caring human being.

Avery and Amanda

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